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"16 salų" is a place and time for good mood and emotions
       16 salų rural tourism homestead is located just 12 km from the town of Anykščiai, in Klykūnai village, on the bank of Rubikiai Lake.
       Rubikiai Lake in Anykščiai Regional Park is one of the larger lakes in Lithuania, attracting visitors with spectacular scenery, picturesque coastline and its greatest centerpiece – 16 islands named after interesting names: Meilės, Pertako, Bučinė, Aukštoji, Česnakinė, Liepinė, Didžioji, Varnagrotė and others.
       This is the place both for those looking peaceful and comfortable recreation, and active and passionate entertainment. Cosy, simple and natural environment creates a perfect mood for romantic moments, refuge for family and friends, holidays, or beautiful celebrations.
     This is a place suitable for plein-air painting, seminars, training, business events or a health camp.
You are welcome at 16 salų all year round!!!